The highly skilled staff at Phoebe House work as a team to support residents and children.

Kate Dodd

The team is headed by our Manager, Kate Dodd, a social worker with a Master’s in Forensic Mental Health, who has numerous years’ experience in the drug and alcohol and mental health space. Having been manager at Phoebe House for many years, she has redesigned and significantly improved the Phoebe House program for optimal outcomes for our residents and children.

The remaining team consists of:

  • A Clinical Lead who supports oversees the Clinical aspects of our program as well as ensuring our residents engage in Alcohol and Other Drug counselling treatment,
  • Two Family Support Workers who are responsible for the caregiving of the children and improving parenting capacity for residents,
  • A Resident Support and Intake Worker who is responsible for managing the residents case plans and ensuring residents and their children are admitted safely,
  • And five Alcohol and Other Drug Support Workers who provide ongoing, overnight and weekend support for our women and children, ensuring the skills learnt through the week are implemented in everyday life.

We also have a healthy student program, which enables residents to engage with the next generation of social workers.

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