• Women’s and children’s specific residential, alcohol and other drug program.

Helping Mothers & Children Since 1984

Phoebe House is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for women on opioid treatment in NSW that accommodates for their children, in a safe home environment.

Residents are supported to achieve their personal goals and to develop their parenting skills for independent living in the community.

Children are expertly cared for in the Myee Children’s Program which nurtures and fosters optimal development through age-appropriate play activities.

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Why Women Choose Us?

Opioid Treatment and Relapse Prevention

Engaging in relapse prevention at Phoebe House will allow you build the skills to identify the stages of relapse, recognise what lapse and relapse means for you and plan to prevent an unexpected use or relapse in the future.


You will have a designated counsellor to help you learn about yourself, your recovery and how to live a long, well life with your children.

Case Management

You will have a designated resident manager who will work collaboratively with you to identify and achieve self-identified goals.

Myee Children’s Program

The Myee Children’s Centre is guided by our Early Childhood Educators Monday to Thursday. Your child/ren will be stimulated and supported through engagement in age-appropriate play and education activities.

Parenting Program

With the help of our Early Childhood Educators and the Myee Children’s Program you will learn parenting skills while encouraging your child’s development.

Rebuilding Family

You will be assisted to rebuild important, safe relationships with support people to boost your positive, long-term recovery.

Group therapy

You will participate in daily groups, which are designed to enable your positive recovery and are based on a holistic approach.

Weekend Plans and Community Engagement

You will be encouraged to participate in community-based, drug-free activities together with your child/ren to support personal growth and your recovery.

Health, Nutrition and Exercise

You will be encouraged to engage in workshops about healthy lifestyle choices for you and your children as well as to participate in exercise classes such as Yoga and Zumba!

After-Care Program

Once you finish the program, you may choose to engage in our 12 month After-Care Program, which will provide you and your child/ren with continued help and support.

Phoebe House has saved my life

Participant, September 2019

Growing through counselling, I didn’t realise what changes I would  make during my time here

Graduate, October 2019

I enjoy spending time with my daughter and because of Phoebe House, I’m getting her back in my care

Participant, October 2019

My experience has been quite pleasant. I enjoy all the groups as they give us the skills and knowledge to live out in the community

Participant, January 2019

Overall the staff are truly amazing and I thank them all for what they do to help my recovery.  I am forever grateful

Graduate, January 2019

Keeping mums and bubs together

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