How can I be admitted to Phoebe House?

Call us!

You can refer yourself.

You can also be referred by other people such as a family member, a GP, counsellor or persons from other agencies.

Please ring us on the phone number below, or fill in our contact form: Click Here

What happens when I ring?

When you ring, one of our team members will ask you a few questions about your eligibility for program.  Eligibility includes:

  • Over 18 years old,
  • Actively participating in an Opioid Treatment Program (Methadone or Buprenorphine),
  • Be pregnant, and/or have full-time or part-time care of one or more preschool child/ren.

If you’re unsure if you are eligible for the program, please call us to confirm.

What is a Phone Assessment?

If you are eligible you will be booked in for a phone assessment. This is a conversation that will capture comprehensive information about your current circumstances.

What happens after my Phone Assessment?

After the phone assessment, details of your current circumstances are discussed at a team meeting (normally held on Thursdays).  The team will determine your suitability for the program and identify the additional information required, such as confirmation of a successful detoxification from substances, health or mental health reports, etc. If you are deemed eligible, this information is required to be provided prior to admission which will be outlined in your Wait List Letter.

If you are not deemed eligible you will receive either a phone call, a letter, or both outlining the reasons why.

When you are placed on the Wait List you will be asked to contact Phoebe House via phone at least once a week. This is to confirm your willingness to enter the program and to tell us if your situation has changed in any way.

Please be aware that waiting times can vary, so it’s important to keep in regular contact.

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