Phoebe House Inc. is an Incorporated Association funded by NSW Health under the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Program.

It was established in 1984 in recognition that women with children, who are on an Opioid Treatment Program, require support and assistance to stabilise and maintain treatment.

During its history, Phoebe House has led the way in introducing a total life-style approach to reducing the harm associated with illicit drug use.

Women who enter the program are more likely to have been touched by social factors such as lower socio-economic status, social exclusion, poor living environments, difficult life experiences, stress and trauma, lack of education, unemployment and poor nutrition. The program is designed to reduce the impact of these factors on their ability to cope when they return to independent living.

Phoebe House staff work together with NSW Health, Department of Communities and Justice and other Non-Government Organisations, as well as our peak body NADA, to address the challenges and adverse consequences of illicit drug use in the community.

Through its committed Board of Governance, multidisciplinary staff members, and accredited ACHS service, Phoebe House is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive rehabilitation for women with children.

The program is committed to the continued physical, mental and emotional health and well-being if residents, and to building their resilience to re-commence independent living in the community with their personal goals fulfilled, their parenting and living skills developed and with the confidence to self-advocate when seeking assistance for themselves and their children.

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